How To Give

1). Donate to the Endow Urbandale Emergency Relief Fund TODAY!

You may give safely and securely to the Urbandale Emergency Relief Fund HERE by donating to the Endow Urbandale Operating Fund at the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation.  

To ensure the safety of our volunteer board members, we do encourage you to donate on-line. However, you may also mail a check made payable to Endow Urbandale to PO Box 42201, Urbandale, Iowa 50323.  Please put "Emergency Fund" in the memo line.  The funds collected during this time will be deposited into a special Endow Urbandale Emergency Fund Account.  Emergency Fund donations will be eligible for standard tax deductions.  

If you would like to make a separate donation to our on-going Endowment Fund, which qualifies for additional tax deductions in the form of an Iowa Tax Credit, please see the information below.

For questions regarding the Endow Urbandale Emergency Relief Tax Fund, please contact:
Wayne Van Heuvelen at 515.423.2139 or
Steve Lytle at 515.864.6734

2). Other ways to give to Endow Urbandale in the future.

Please help Endow Urbandale make a difference in Urbandale now and for generations to come by making a tax-deductible gift or pledge today!  Pledges to our Endowment Fund can be made over one to five years.  Electronic transfers of gifts of appreciated stock may be made through the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation. 

Donations made to the Endow Urbandale Community Fund quality for a 25 percent Endow Iowa Tax Credit – in addition to any federal tax benefits for which the charitable donation may qualify. Because of the tax savings, the net cost of a $100 gift is only $42 for a donor in the 33 percent federal income tax bracket. Click HERE for more information on Endow Iowa Tax Credits.

Donate to Endow Urbandale HERE.

There are other Urbandale endowments under Endow Urbandale, for a complete list click HERE and you may direct your funds to one of these endowments. 

Please mail your checks to:

(made payable to Endow Urbandale)

Endow Urbandale
PO Box 42201
Urbandale, IA  50323
Or contact Wayne to make other types of investments in Endow Urbandale.